Planning interior colours

We know about moving to the new home for about one and a half year. Now it seems like a deep history when we discussed it for the first time. But time flies fast and we began the final countdown.
Now comes decision. How to plan the interior and how to match the colours. As this is my 4th place I arrange, there will be some inspiration and good practices from my previous experiences. My first student shared apartment, the first family loft in the historical center and country house.
We chose to go for simple stylish cozy apartment, a year project winner, new home with a nice view. Current decision is minimal style with plenty of plants and keeping the white/grey/pink/black scandinavian colours. Maybe a little worn out styling lately like everyone is scandinavian now, yah... yes, but who cares. Important this style meets all my dreams, ideas and feelings for 100%.
In our country house I prefer more of a French Provance style with old vintage decorations, a lot of lavenders and roses in the garden. Practical and simple, this is my city home design dream.
We are now in the phase of finishing the floor - beautiful wooden Swedish design by Kährs and also working on bathrooms by Villeroy & Boch. 
Kitchen will be made to measure as well as the hallway closet. We consider every step and also the budget. For furniture equipment I´m a big fan of Ikea, because I like the practical side more than to have overpriced consumer goods. In the mean time I´m discovering amazing small accessories in H&M Home with reasonable price. 
For plants my favourite shop is Hornbach even inspiration comes from Chládek and also small gardening shops. Can´t wait to see the balcony bloom the next spring. We also think about of own balcony compost, but about plants I will surely write a post next year in spring when we are settled. 

Don´t call it a dream. 
Call it a plan.