Summer in the garden

Having a "running break" after three years of intensive running and sports I´m investing the energy into other things I love but left a little bit behind. Garden, summer house, cooking, baking, my summer 2017. And this time I would like to welcome you into my garden you partly already know from my "rose" instagram posts.

My garden, my loved place. This should be probably the right name for this post. Few years ago we received from my husband´s parents house... maybe ruin should be the proper name. Over 100 years old remains of the house and garden. And decision, should we keep it or let go?

Total ruin of the house
Something like a garden
The deep feeling of family tradition won. 
We started to rebuild the house and the garden from the basics. 
Everything by ourselves and help of our friends.

Now, there is still so much to work on but I´m in love with this place more and more. 
This is our primarly summer home but we spend here a lot of time during the year. 
The garden needs all year long care and the quiet of this place is healing the city noise.  

Interior of the house mostly arranged by accessories we found it the house and received as a present. 
Lately we combined the olds with modern equipment.
Reading corner behind the fire place
My summer work place

My dream came true, Petrof in the house
Old stable for animals, now playroom for kids :-) 
Being a city person this is the exact counterpol for my life balance. 
My summer relaxing place with a lot of work behind. The next step is to focuss on the next place, living in the city. After time of searching we finally found part of the city that amazed us and brings all we like. Situated on the hill, close to the city center because of work and schools and also to the nature for running, with beautiful view and light sunny rooms. It will take again a lot of work.... but I just can´t wait! 
Our summer sea memories
Welcome to my summer garden

I hope you liked small visit to my garden place and I´m sooo curious: 
Did you find your best places for living? Is it where you were born or later in your life?

You are an artist of your own life
make it beautiful 

And a short addition to running for my running friends following my instagram profile. I hope it will take just few more weeks and I will join you again. Virtually or personally (better option). After beach running we continue with physiotherapists regeneration and recovery process of too hypermobile cervical spine. It sounds scary but with good prognose. Working on the muscles, hopefully I will avoid cervical spine surgery. Workout, swimming, taping are my new friends :-)  Enjoy your running and I hope to see you soon again!