New start/new home 🏡

As I mentioned in my Garden post, we will be moving. Hopefully soon. I have similar feeling as when I was training for My first half marathon :-) Impatient, happy, nervous, in-can-t-wait-mood, if possible I would start packing today. In 2016 it was my first big running challenge, in 2017 it will be challenge of creating our first OWN living space and home we chose by ourselves. Carefully and concerning probably a million (or more) issues, (many) pros and (few) cons before we decided for 100%. 
Changing from downtown city residents to uptown close-to-the-nature-but- close-to-the-city new neighbours. Wondering every day. How it will be? 
Sky view
Few days ago it was finally safe to visit the place inside for the first time, still in construction process... and... I fell in love. Funny I really feel it with the same enthusiasm as a last year planning for a half marathon. My goal is to make the best out of it, from start up to the finish line and enjoy it. With the small difference, instead of medal I will put all my effort to run for a beautiful home :-)
Future path to garden above the city
The building is still under construction, but the view will be stunning. Seeing from the living room whole city that will be actually 10 minutes drive away. Dream place for nature/city person. And many running possibilites.       
Balcony, garden, view ❤
I see already those amazing children´s rooms even there is nothing finished yet. Kids are choosing their room walls colours. They want to pain it partly by themselves. It will be fun! 
Future children´s rooms
If you have any suggestions and experiences before the start of creating new home, will be happy to read and listen to all of them. All inspiration is warmly welcomed :-) 
Let today be the start
of something new